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Escalon Almond Business Partners With Supercross

Local almond company Nut Up Industries, Inc. of Escalon just announced a new partnership with Feld Motorsports for the 2017 Monster Energy AMA Supercross, and FIM World Championship and 2017 Regional Amsoil Arenacross. With this partnership, Nut Up Industries hopes to spread the knowledge of healthy snack alternatives to the active lifestyle of motocross and every adventure.

Nut Up Industries was created just two years ago, and had a fast journey in 2016 from beginning retail and online sales, to partnering with Feld Motorsports as the official nut of the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross. Long time moto-lovers, these third-generation almond farmers are no strangers to the dirt-tracks. They have been active in local sponsorship of young aspiring motocross riders in the Central Valley and across California.

Nut Up Industries Owner and President, Joey Roche, commented on the partnership with Feld Motorsports stating; “It’s amazing to be able to work with a company such as Feld. We began our support of motocross to encourage young riders and help drive their passion for motocross. We created our brand of healthy alternatives for fueling that same passion in whatever it is that you do. My family has been very involved with motocross and supercross over the years, so this partnership made sense to us. We’re thrilled to come into 2017 with new things to offer to the Motocross industry.”

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Products are available at select retail locations such as Save Mart, Food-Maxx, Cost Less, and O’Brien’s Markets across the Central Valley.

Earlier this year, three-time X-Games gold medalist and supercross racer Josh Hansen joined Nut Up Industries as Creative Director and athlete. Hansen has been supported by Nut Up President Joey Roche, and their parent company Roche Brothers International Family Nut Company for several years.

Nut Up Industries will also feature three riders at the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross this year: Josh Hansen and two privateer riders, Dillan Epstein and Ryan Surratt.

Over the last two years, Nut Up Industries has dedicated themselves to creating high quality products for their customers and bringing their own innovative products to the market. Almonds may be a “fuel food” that slips our minds. Going by the slogan “Fuel for Every Adventure” couldn’t be more accurate for this young company. In early 2016, Nut Up Industries launched their “Chopped” snack line. The convenient 1.5-ounce “Chopped” snack packs contain nine grams of protein and the line features a variety of almond snacks in flavors such as Caribbean Jerk, Zesty Ranch and Sea Salt Caramel. Nut Up Industries plans to announce their new flavors of “Chopped” early 2017.