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Child Wanders Away From Home

A young child, less than two years old, wandered away from a home on Roosevelt Avenue on Wednesday morning, Jan. 17. She was found on the street by Public Works Crews in the area shortly before 8:30 a.m., who went door to door attempting to find the child’s home.

The Public Works personnel also contacted police and officers responded to the scene to assist with the search while the child, a girl about 20 months old, was taken to the police station.

Police Chief Mike Borges said following an investigation, it was learned that the child had left a home where she was being babysat, apparently exiting out the back door after other children had left for school. The babysitter had contacted the child’s mother, Borges said, after discovering the child was gone to see if the mother had come to pick her up. The mother then got in touch with police and was able to reunite with the child.

“There’s still some investigation,” Borges said, looking to determine what corrective measures need to be taken to insure the child – or any others – can’t leave the home undetected again.

But the outcome was as good as could be hoped for, he said, with no harm coming to the child.

“Our Public Works guys did a great job and I’m just glad they found her,” Borges said, especially noting the close proximity of busy McHenry Avenue to the Roosevelt Avenue area where the child was found.

He also said officers did a good job keeping the child calm while the search for the parents was underway.