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CEO Joelle Gomez Resigns From County Services Post
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Women’s Center-Youth and Family Services CEO Joelle Gomez announced this past week that she will resign at the end of September. The nonprofit veteran has been named the new CEO of The Children’s Home of Stockton and will assume her new role Oct. 3.

Gomez dedicated the last 24 years advocating for underserved and disadvantaged women, children, youth and men in the community. Her extensive experience in working with survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, human trafficking and runaway/homeless youth helped elevate WCYFS’ visibility while creating significantly more support from the community.

“We are grateful for Joelle’s strong leadership and commitment over the past 24 years as WCYFS has undergone a successful merger in 2012 and continues to be a premier nonprofit in San Joaquin County,” said Board President Judy Lovett. “Joelle has made many important contributions and served as our visionary leader. Her leadership has been attributed to the many remarkable achievements of WCYFS over the past 40 years. We wish Joelle great happiness and success in the next phase of her career.”

Gomez was instrumental in making WCYFS a vital asset to San Joaquin County, increasing visibility and obtaining significantly more support from the community for the youth and families WCYFS serves.

“I have great confidence in the leadership team and board of directors to carry the vision and mission of Women’s Center-Youth and Family Services to even greater heights,” said Gomez.

Women’s Center-YFS, which has received national, state and local recognition for its work, stands out as an example of a victim services agency that is leading that charge. WCYFS currently operates from 10 sites in San Joaquin County, which, last year alone, answered 2,974 crisis calls; advocated for, accompanied, counseled and and/or sheltered 5,978 domestic violence, sexual assault survivors, and runaway homeless youth; and conducted education and outreach presentations to 5,028 individuals.

“Women’s Center-YFS will continue to play a vital role in San Joaquin County. WCYFS staff, volunteers and board of directors do a phenomenal job, not only helping people in their time of need but also educating the community to the signs of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and youth homelessness and helping to stop the trauma before it happens,” said Gomez.

The WCYFS board of directors has established a search committee to begin recruitment for a new CEO.