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Lake, Streambed Alteration Agreements Now Online

As a part of a broader effort to improve efficiencies and go paperless, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) will begin accepting electronic notifications for all Lake and Streambed Alteration (LSA) Standard Agreements on Aug. 1, 2020.

Online LSA notifications can be submitted through the Environmental Permit Information Management System (EPIMS), which was initially launched in 2018 for cannabis cultivators. With system upgrades, EPIMS is now available for all LSA Standard Agreements, not just those related to cannabis cultivation.

For more information about EPIMS or if you need help completing your online notification, visit:

On EPIMS, applicants can: access anywhere internet is available; submit supplemental documentation such as plans, maps, photos and studies; calculate permit fees; obtain electronic signatures; receive email alerts and reminders; and track application progress.

CDFW will continue to accept paper notifications for other agreement types including master, gravel/sand/rock extraction, routine maintenance and timber harvesting until further notice.

Additional resources include: EPIMS questions? Just email; need EPIMS telephone support? 1-833-303-7467; want to contact your CDFW regional office, just visit: