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July Fourth Holiday Weekend Passes Quietly In Community
Except for the occasional complaint about illegal fireworks being shot off, the long Fourth of July holiday weekend passed by pretty quietly in the Escalon area.

Police and fire officials report a relatively calm three-day weekend, with the actual July 4 falling on Sunday and many people getting the extra day off on Monday in observance of the holiday.

"We had lots of calls on illegal fireworks," said Police Services Manager Dorothy Vandagriff. "A couple of people were warned."

The majority of residents, however, stuck with the 'Safe and Sane' fireworks that were sold at various locations around the community. The fireworks booths were in business all last week and could sell their wares until July 4, continuing through midnight.

Saturday included a special Fourth of July celebration hosted at Escalon Covenant Church, open to the community, featuring food, games, fun and fireworks in the evening.

Fire department members indicated they spent some time doing random fireworks checks but had no calls related to problems with the festivities. A couple of vegetation fires along Santa Fe required their attention both Friday and Saturday, a couple of grass fires I the area of McHenry and River were reported on Monday and a distracted driver sheared off a fire hydrant in the area of Countrywood and McHenry on Friday morning but otherwise, it was an uneventful holiday weekend.

Vandagriff said police did respond to several fireworks complaints but, in nearly all cases, once they located the area where the fireworks were coming from, none of the illegal variety were being used.

"They went up, we saw them," Vandgriff said, adding that it is just hard to find the exact location from which they are being set off.

Traffic wise, officials reported no major tie-ups or injury accidents for the long holiday weekend.