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Indoor Obstacle Course Featured At Library
Local youngsters converge on the supplies table at the Escalon Library, picking up pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks and more to create their own indoor obstacle course.Times Photos By Marg Jackson
Young Kaleb Raley, 5, sends his felt ball through the ‘tunnel’ made out of a toilet paper tube while library assistant Amanda Clifford gets ready to catch the ball.

With pipe cleaners, toilet paper tubes, tape and more, there was virtually no limit to the creativity of kids attending the Science Saturday program at the Escalon Library on Dec. 1.

Crafting an ‘indoor obstacle course’ with some simple items, kids then used straws to send their small felt balls through the course, navigating turns, tunnels, ramps and more.

Library assistant Amanda Clifford provided the instruction and then let the kids go, utilizing the provided materials to make their own individual courses.

Saturday was also the first day for youngsters to sign up for the Winter Reading Fun program, which runs through Jan. 31 and includes incentives for winter reading. Prizes are awarded for each 10 books read, specifically vouchers for a Stockton Heat hockey game and, in cooperation with the Stockton Heat team, those reading 30 or more books will be entered into a drawing for a ride on the Zamboni at a Heat game.