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Heirloom Garden Club Slates March Meeting
Spaghetti squash is one of many crops that can be grown locally, and one that the Riverbank Heirloom Garden Club members will discuss at a March 30 meeting, which is open to the public. Photo Courtesy Of Terry Harper

Eager to get back to gathering, members of the Riverbank Heirloom Garden Club are planning a session for later this month.

Spokesperson Terry Harper said the public is invited to come and hear how to grow your own tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and more; grow your own vegetables you like to eat.

“You may have noticed the prices in the stores have gone up. Why not grow your favorites and save money,” Harper noted. “Pick them fresh off the vine the day you use them. They are packed with more vitamins and minerals than store bought vegetables. And learn to save your seeds and save even more money.”

With store shelves becoming bare of some food items, interest in gardening continues to grow.

“Join us and learn how to plant a small garden and save your seeds for next year,” said Harper.

The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 30 at 5 p.m.; for more information, contact Harper at 209-869-1325 or email

Attendees at the upcoming meeting will also get information on taking care of their soil and reducing the bug population.

“Our members have years of experience and can help guide you in your garden adventures,” Harper added.

Membership is free.

“Teach your children where seeds come from. Teach them how to garden. They can eat their harvest for free,” said Harper.

Learn about the difference between hybrids and heirloom seeds. You can also garden year round; the time to start seeds for a summer garden is fast approaching; while growing a winter garden will require starting in September.

All are welcome and those planning to attend are encouraged to bring along friends and family.

Topics covered by the Heirloom Garden Club include:

Do you know the difference between heirlooms and hybrids?

Learn when to plant and what season to start your vegetables.

Learn how to save and properly store your own seeds.

Learn the differences between good bugs vs. bad bugs.

Organic pest control.

Container and raised bed options.

Summer and winter gardening calendar.

Weed free gardening techniques.

Meetings are typically held at the homes of members.