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Healthy And Fit?
Senior Corner 4-21-21
Tina Jensen

My parents were as opposite as a couple could be in every way. My Mom spent her time writing for The Escalon Times and being involved in local volunteer groups. But during her time at home, she was very sedentary. I remember a handful of times that she was active outdoors. One that stands out in my mind was when she decided that she was going to get fit by riding her bike. Well, she made it about two blocks and fell off, skinning her knee. I was nine and behind her witnessing the whole dramatic event. Riding as fast as I could home, I warned my Dad of the ugly scene and he immediately went to save her. That bike did not see the light of day again. My Dad was a coach and teacher and even in his nineties didn’t sit still for more than an occasional twenty-minute recharge nap. He played sports all through school and throughout his life played golf and relished the fact that he got to use a free golf cart when he reached 90.

I seem to fall in the middle of those two life styles and struggle with my long term plan for staying healthy and fit. Many of us focus on our weight but I have come to realize it is really more about movement and activity followed by a huge dose of attitude. How much money have all of us spent through the years on Jack LaLanne and weight watchers? How many of us remember our mothers or perhaps ourselves using the Jack LaLanne belt that was supposed to shake off the pounds. The years treated us to quick fixes for weight and fitness in the form of liquid diets that after one taste usually went directly into the sink. There are now many improved programs that actually help people to be where they can reach a point of feeling physically fit and mentally content with themselves. So at 67 if I have learned anything over the years, it is move more, eat healthy and be thankful for what you were given and enjoy every moment!

The Escalon Senior Fun Bunch is now hosting a walking club that meets on Mondays and Fridays (time varies). Everyone can walk at their own pace and afterwards bring a chair for a little fun socialization if desired. If you would like to receive our monthly newsletter or attend our monthly events please contact us at: or at 209-505-7854.