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Golf Cart Crash Investigated By Police
E cop

A Friday night golf cart cash – which occurred on the campus of Escalon High School – saw Escalon police, fire and ambulance crews all on the scene.

The incident occurred about 10 p.m. Friday, Aug. 26 following the Friday night football game on the EHS campus.

Police Chief Gustavo Flores said there were no major injuries reported and no arrests made.

“An 11-year-old female was struck in the back of the head by a golf cart. The golf cart traveling southbound had stalled as it was leaving the venue along the dirt road between the ag building and the baseball field,” explained Flores.

The female driver in her 20s was driving the golf cart with her father being the passenger.

“The driver was following other vehicles exiting the venue. The driver stopped the golf cart due to traffic stopping,” Flores said. “The driver said that the golf cart is hard to start and accelerate after turning it off. The driver said that in an attempt to start the golf cart, she manipulated the gear shift lever, which she was not very familiar with. The driver said that simultaneously her father placed his foot on the gas pedal, which caused the golf cart to jolt forward.”

This, in turn, caused the golf cart to go off the dirt road and hit the young female in the back of the head, causing a contusion.

In addition, a male adult in his 50s was walking with his son in that same area. The male stated that due to him having issues with his legs, he was holding onto his son’s shoulder.

“The male stated the young female that got hit by the golf cart collapsed onto his son, which then caused him to fall to the ground,” Flores said of details uncovered during the investigation. “The male was never struck by the golf cart. The father had complaint of pain to the neck, shoulder, and knees.”

Crews remained on scene while those involved were assessed and interviewed.

“No one was arrested,” Flores said. “The driver of the golf cart did not display any objective symptoms of intoxication of alcoholic beverage and/or illicit drugs.”