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Going Down Memory Lane
Senior Corner 8-19-20

As I write this column each month, I canʼt help but think of my Mom, Sheila Arellano. She was a writer for the Escalon Times for over 30 years. Her care and concern for her fellow seniors was always at the top of her list. By helping her write her column in her later years, I learned that coping with inconveniences from aging could be softened with a little humor. I have been asked to relive a bit of her humor and include some of her writing this month. I am honored to fill this request. Hereʼs to you Mom, miss you!


**Taken from ‘Just a Thought’ by Sheila Arellano (2010) “Life at eighty”

I have the hardest time realizing that I am actually in my eighties. There are moments when my mind wanders and I feel as if Iʼm still younger than spring. Am I insane or is it just wishful thinking? The best part of being this age is that you become much more realistic about life and take things in stride while rolling with the punches. Although, I still have my limits, so when my husband leaves the cupboard doors open it pretty much affects me like fingernails on a chalkboard. At this time in my life, I am able to take a deep breath, count to ten and close them myself. Of course, he could say the same about me driving him crazy when I repeatedly ask him each night if he locked the doors, closed the garage, etc. I canʼt help myself because the present need for order in my life is the culprit that momentarily makes me lose my mind. For better or worse, our relationship works, aided by the fact that I have lost some of my sight and my husband has lost some of his hearing. Technically together, we have become one whole person. Most men joke that they have selective hearing when it comes to their wives, but my husband really does. Therefore, that allows me to talk endlessly on any topic and he never seems to tire of my voice and sometimes doesnʼt respond for hours which works for both of us. When I do need his input, I raise my voice to a certain decibel and say, “When is that doctorʼs appointment?” or more interesting questions, such as, “Where did you say you put that heating pad and is it still on?” All of this seems to work at keeping our marriage of sixty-two years humming along as we constantly count our blessings!!**


Our group, “The Escalon Fun Bunch” exists to assist Escalon senior citizens. If you are in need of masks or anything please contact our group at the email/phone below. We are hoping that we will be able to continue our monthly social events in the near future. Until that is possible, we will keep in contact. If you know of any seniors who would like to join our group and receive monthly newsletters, please have them send their contact information to: Escalon Fun Bunch, or phone: Ann 209-505-7854.

Also, an available resource is at the Escalon Food Pantry: 209-417-2048; 1601 Second Street, Escalon.