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Finishing Touches Put On Table Project
Where once stood aged, peeling and dilapidated picnic tables and benches, newly refurbished, gleaming, inviting tables have taken their place, thanks to a cooperative effort of the Escalon Ministerial Association and the City of Escalon.

City Manager Greg Greeson said he was approached several months ago by Pastor Troy Onsager of the Escalon Presbyterian Church, who was then president of the association. New president is Mike Wilson of Escalon Covenant Church.

"They were looking for a project," Greeson said, explaining that Onsager offered the organization's help to the city.

After conferring with department heads, the picnic table project was developed.

City Public Works Superintendent Patrick Riggs said the sad state of the picnic tables in the city's Hogan Park drew his attention, since they are at one of the gateways to the city and didn't provide a pleasing entrance.

"That was one of the first eyesores I felt that needed attention," Riggs said of sprucing up the park on Escalon-Bellota Road.

A Saturday work day was scheduled, bringing together members of several churches in the community for a variety of service work, including the picnic table project.

"There were close to 300 boards that they sanded, primed and painted for us," Riggs said.

After the boards were painted, city crews were able to slowly replace the old boards with the new at the picnic tables in the park. A few remain to be done there, along with a couple in the city's Main Street Park.

The difference, Riggs said, is night and day.

Instead of weathered, peeling, faded red paint, the tables now boast a deep, shiny green.

"It's a better quality paint," Riggs explained of the type used in this project. "We got a good deal on that, buying in bulk, and there were over 300 boards, we painted about 90 percent of them for use."

The remaining boards are available to use as replacements for the new tables as needed.