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FFA Vice President Anderson Wins State Office
For the third time in as many years, Escalon's FFA has a state officer.

Lindsey Anderson was chosen as the state FFA Vice President following a grueling campaign at the recent state convention.

She follows in the footsteps of state President Kristen Steves (2008) and state Treasurer Jordan Lippincott (2009) to fill the role of vice president, an office she will assume following graduation from Escalon High.

"To be honest, I didn't feel like I was part of civilization anymore, I was just waking to and from the interviews," Anderson said of being involved in the extensive selection process for state officers. "Just running is an experience ... there were 67 people who ran."

Anderson said she was tested on a variety of fronts, from impromptu speaking to detailing what she planned to do and how she would impact FFA members as a state officer. She said it was a proud moment when her name was called as one of the final six to be selected as a state officer.

"We weren't sure if my mom was going to be okay," she said, laughing.

Lindsey is the daughter of Randy and Teresa Anderson and has been involved in the FFA throughout her high school years, in addition to being a volleyball player, a Homecoming commissioner and active in student government.

Perhaps most memorable of all was having to speak in front of the state Secretary of Agriculture on the first night of competition, and later having to give a 5-minute speech with very little notice.

"You had to do a lot of thinking on your feet," she said.

Escalon ag teacher and FFA Advisor Jennifer Terpstra said it's highly unusual for a school as small as Escalon to have such a run of state officers.

"They're just exceptional students," she said of Steves, Lippincott and now Anderson. "Words can't describe the feeling ... I guess you have to be there to really see what they go through to become a state officer. The candidates go through a grueling process."

The original pool of more than 60 was whittled down to the final 12, and each of them had to answer - unexpectedly - two questions in front of the roughly 5,000 in attendance at the convention before the final slate of new officers was announced.

"I definitely felt prepared," Anderson said, admitting that the lessons she has learned from all her ag teachers and FFA advisors have been helpful.

"They said to go in and be yourself," she said of the final words of advice.

Terpstra said the 12 finalists were all outstanding, but there was tremendous satisfaction in seeing another Escalon student rise to the top.

"They worked hard at it and they have a really strong skill set," Terpstra said of the EHS members who have become state officers.

Anderson, as the newly elected state vice president, will move in to the FFA Center in Galt on June 12 to begin her year of service.

"I could not be more excited for the traveling," she said of getting the chance to work with high school FFA members all around the state during her year.

Once she completes her term, she expects to begin college at Modesto Junior College and later transfer, either to Fresno State, Cal Poly or Chico with a double major of Ag Business and Biological Science, with a career goal in the research field.

She also said though she at first was uncertain whether she wanted to try for state office, she felt sure once she began the process.

"I felt if God wanted me to do it, it would happen, if that's what was supposed to be," she said.

For Escalon, it is another feather in the cap of a hugely successful FFA program.

"I think what sets our kids apart is their dedication and commitment to the organization," Terpstra said. "FFA and agriculture, it's part of their tradition, part of the school, part of their community, part of their family."