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From "The History of Old Farmington": Just like today, politics played a part in the lives of the Farmington natives. In October of 1884, the Farmington Blaine & Logan Club had a great Political Demonstration. A large torchlight procession with a band marched through the main streets of town and arrived at the stand of speakers where bonfires were burning. One of the speakers was Thomas Cunningham, re-running for Sheriff. "He got a big round of applause as he made his little speech, for he believed that "brevity is the soul of wit" and put it into practice. It is only known by the "staff" of Cunningham that he would bring a crime victim to justice if he had to go to the Fiji Islands after them.

October 1886. A rousing Republican Party meeting was held with speakers talking on the issue of the day. There were big bonfires in the street and at intervals salutes were fired. One of the speakers made this remark: "The Grand Old Republican Party has had the reins in Government for many years with Safety to the Nation and we propose to stay with it."

In October of 1888 another one of these rousing political meetings was held with the usual procession, salutes, and music. They wound up at the Odd Fellows Hall where they were treated to a sort of panoramic view of the county candidates, from Constable up to Assemblyman. The most entertaining and instructive speeches of the evening were given by P.W. Bennett, candidate for District Attorney, and Arthur Levinsky, who was stumping the county in the interests of the Republican Party. Mr. Levinsky delivered a very clear and logical address on the subject of "Free Trade vs. Protection." Mr. Levinsky held the attention of the audience closely for nearly two hours and made the pathway of protection so plain "that a way-farer, though a fool, might not err therein."


Happy Birthday to John Kroon on Monday, February 11th.


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