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From "Doc Alders, Farmington's Lone Eagle": In 1970, Doc received a gold watch and a certificate for thirty-five years of outstanding service with the Union Oil Company. The Alders Union 76 Service Station operated for fifty years in Farmington. Doc pulled the tanks in 1990 and the Alders Service Station no longer sold gas. It was one of many Union 76 stations that had succumbed to stringent environmental requirements.

By then, Doc had another thriving business operating in the station. His horse carriage business had surpassed his horseless carriage business. The horseless carriages had become far too complex and Doc had mastered the skills needed to restore the wreckage of the ancient vehicles to prime condition. His achievements in building and restoring horse drawn rolling stock had become legendary in the San Joaquin Valley by 1980. He was the subject of a number of newspaper articles.

Doc got a start on carriage rebuilding with the buggies left in his grandfather's old livery stable to gather dust and cobwebs. He restored those so he could take the kids for rides or out to Johnny Creek to fish.

Sometimes he would buy old buggy iron and fabricate all the wooden parts including box, floor, sides and seats and replace the wheels. He would meticulously paint the restored buggy and send it out to be upholstered. There was always a buyer for the finished work of art. In the 1960's Doc discovered the remains of a buggy that had been built by W.P. Miller, an 1850s Stockton carriage maker. He brought it over to his Farmington shop and worked on it in his spare time. The iron was rusting and the wood had to be entirely replaced. He learned a lot in the process. When finally finished, it was a beauty and immediately snapped up by a collector. Soon, he was being asked to repair wheels, carriages and even stage coaches.


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