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Apparently my cousin had received all of her parents' 8 mm film after their passing. There were about 50 reels. She turned them over to her daughter hoping she would be able to have them transferred over to a DVD. I'm sure most of you remember the 8 mm films. She had three reels converted to a DVD. There were about 30 chapters on that one DVD. She wasn't able to have them all transferred, because of the cost, so she is doing a few at time, until they are all transferred.

The daughter sent me an e-mail last week for my review. As I was watching them, I did recognize most of the relatives. But it was strange to see all of them as they were so young. You kind of forget what they really looked like, as most of them are now gone. There were also pictures of my parents and me. It was like I had gone back in time. I remembered the cars as they were from the '50s and '60s. And, the style of the clothing that we wore back then. Actually I liked the style.

My uncle took most of the pictures. This was a first for us, seeing a movie camera. When he would start to take a movie of us, he would tell us we had to move around. Here we go walking real fast away from the camera, turning around and walking real slow toward him. I had to laugh at this. There were not too many shots of us being casual. No instant replay was available, so we didn't know how funny we looked. Hopefully, the next chapter will show that we look a little more dignified.

Some were a little dark so I had to look real close. But what occurred to me was there was no sound. I couldn't turn up the volume. I have gotten so used to videos having sound. So it took a little adjustment watching these silent films.

I remember when my children were young and we would be traveling. One of us would take pictures out the window or if we had to we would take the picture through the front windshield. How many of you have done that? Then when you would view them, you would also see what was on the windshield. Our children would always laugh at us for doing this. So my aunt and uncle were no different. They took pictures of signs posted as they were driving by, such as the Red River, Texas and Oklahoma. My aunt and uncle lived here in California, so this was their cross country trip. I am sure there will be more to come of their travels when my relative has the opportunity of having more films transferred over.

Ed has been telling me for years that he wants to transfer all of our film over to DVD. He thinks they are deteriorating and wants to preserve them. Most of our film is of our children when they were young. He is probably right. So watching these clips, has motivated me.


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