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Farmington Fire Issues Call For Part-Timers
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Backed up with funding approved by the Board of Directors for the Farmington Fire Department, Chief Conni Bailey said she has put the finishing touches on the department’s new part-time program. Now, she just needs people to fill the positions.

“I’m just working on it now and will be putting out the flyer, sending it out to all local fire departments,” Bailey said on Monday afternoon, noting that Farmington hopes to entice some part-time personnel to cover daytime, weekday shifts.

“This would be part-time, 12-hour shifts, two days a week,” Bailey explained.

That way, firefighters already working with other departments around the region could also pick up a couple of extra shifts per week in Farmington, providing coverage there while earning some extra money but not taking on another full-time job.

“I struggle during the day to get people to respond,” Bailey said of the volunteer department, as many of her volunteers have full-time jobs outside of the fire service.

The goal is to get three or four regular part-timers to fill spots during the week, daytime hours, with the part-timers going off shift as the volunteers get back into town and become available for calls.

“Ideally I would like to bring three or four people aboard,” Bailey said, adding her thanks to the board of directors for approving the plan and setting it into motion during 2020.

It was hoped the part-time staffers would already be lined up but COVID-19 resulted in some delays. Now, though, with the information out there and applicants actively being sought, Bailey is looking forward to welcoming some new firefighters to the local department.

“We really just need them during the day, to help us out,” said the longtime chief.

Farmington Fire Department is at the corner of Highway 4 and Escalon-Bellota Road in Farmington.