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Expansion Of California’s Bottle Bill Aids Consumers

California is getting ready to launch the first of several historic reforms to modernize its beverage container recycling program and recycle more containers.

Major changes to California’s Bottle Bill include:

Wine, distilled spirits, and large juice containers will be redeemable starting Jan 1, 2024.

All retailers in areas without recycling centers must redeem in-store or join new dealer cooperative systems starting Jan 1, 2025.

Recycling site and material reuse expansion with $285 million in new funding for:

Reuse/refill system innovations for beverage containers;

Beverage container recycling business start-up costs;

Hassle-free redemption methods like reverse vending machines, mobile recycling, and bag-drop recycling;

More collection, transportation, and remanufacturing of materials.

“California is working with industry, retailers, and communities to recycle all our beverage containers as the state moves to a circular economy without trash pollution,” CalRecycle Director Rachel Machi Wagoner said. “Adding more alcohol and juice containers on Jan. 1 is the first of several changes we’re rolling out to make recycling easier for Californians.”