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Escalon FFA Members Capture Fair Features Goats, Bunnies, Veggies, Mechanics And Horticulture
Escalon FFA had a variety of projects exhibited at the San Joaquin County Fair this year.

Two Escalon FFA members exhibited dairy goats. Chelsea Carrico received 1st place Intermediate Kid (All Other Percentage class), Reserve Grand Champion Recorded Grade Doe, and was 1st in advanced dairy goat showmanship. Angelina Azevedo exhibited the Junior Champion and Grand Champion recorded grade does.

In the breeding Boer goat show, Adam Jefferson was 4th in advanced showmanship, and he exhibited the Grand Champion Junior Grade Doe, Reserve Grand Champion Grade Doe, and 1st with his doe pairs. Shelly Jefferson was 2nd in advanced showmanship, and she exhibited the Champion Full Blood Junior Doe, Reserve Champion Full Blood Doe, and Reserve Supreme Grand Champion Doe. Danny Felix and Miguel Sandoval received market ready awards in their respective market goat shows.

A handful of bunnies were exhibited by Shelby Small, Katie Mendonca, and Michelle Mendonca. Katie Mendonca exhibited the Champion FFA Market Bunny and Shelby Small was 1st in advanced bunny showmanship. One member, Gabriel Sapien, exhibited market poultry. His chickens were selected as the FFA Champion pair of meat birds.

Many Ag Mechanics projects were entered this year. Step Stools were entered by Jeff Hachman (3rd place), Dakota Bowers (3rd), Cody Hearn (1st place), Kanyon Sousa (3rd), Irving Bernal (2nd place), Luke Van Tassel (3rd), Sammy Machado (3rd), Chris Casey (2nd), Joey Camera (3rd), Casey Henke (2nd), and Charlie McDonald (2nd). Chisels were entered by Dakota Bowers, Danny Costa (1st place), Ricky Mullen, Alfredo Constantino (3rd), Colin Keener (2nd), Michael Nissen (1st), Ethan Turner (3rd), Giovani Camara (3rd), Ben Zerr (3rd), and Charlie McDonald (2nd place). Plant stands were entered by Jeff Hachman (3rd place), Dakota Bowers (3rd), Danny Costa (3rd), Cody Hearn (2nd), Irving Bernal (1st), and Kou Vang. Hot pads were entered by Dakota Bowers (1st), Cody Hearn 1st), Irving Bernal (2nd), Jake Kaiser, Kou Vang (3rd), Michael Nissen (3rd), Nash Kelly (2nd), and Casey Henke (3rd). Meat hooks were entered by James Mills (2nd), Kanyon Sousa, Saul Parra (1st), and Irving Bernal (2nd place). Hitch pens were entered by Dakota Bowers (2nd), Danny Costa (2nd), Irving Bernal (1st place), Alfredo Constantino (3rd), Luke Van Tassel, Jake Kaiser (2nd), Colin Keener (2nd), Josh Risely (2nd), Evan Fisher (3rd), Sammy Machado (3rd), Juan Navarro (2nd), Chris Casey (3rd), Joey Camera (3rd), Casey Henke (3rd), and Charlie McDonald (2nd). Feed Scoops were entered by Kanyon Sousa (2nd), Saul Parra (3rd place), and Irving Bernal (1st). Matt Hudson's cutting table was 2nd. Ricky Mullen's wooden box was 2nd. Matt Jones entered a barbecue and a plasma cart, both of which were 2nd. James Mills entered a ramp (2nd place) and a ring rack which was 1st. TJ O'Neill's trailer was 3rd and his tool rack was 2nd. Saul Parra's tomato cage was 3rd.

In horticulture Casey Schmidig received Best of Show for her Yukon Gold potatoes. Kattie Schmidig received Best of Show with her white onions, beating out both juniors and adults who exhibited produce at the fair. The Schmidig sisters also exhibited a Landscape Plot that was 1st and won Best of Division. Rosebud Brumley was awarded the FFA Floriculture Sweepstakes Award for her numerous floral entries.