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Escalon 4-H Participates In Virtual AgFest

This year proved to be a challenge for the Escalon 4-H Club. No in person exhibiting or meeting up with old friends. However, the club as always rose to the challenge and did very well exhibiting their animals by video. It’s not easy pretending there is a judge standing by you while you are doing your best to exhibit your animal to their best advantage.

Following are the placings for all the club’s exhibitors. Names are spelled as provided.



Kelsey Webster: 1st place 4-H Replacement Heifer; 4-H Champion Replacement Heifer; Supreme Champion Replacement Heifer.

Haylee Castro: 7th place 4-H Replacement Heifer.

Emily Bavaro: 2nd place 4-H Replacement Heifer; Reserve Champion 4-H Replacement Heifer; 2nd place 4-H Advanced Showmanship Essay Contest; 1st place Advanced Showmanship; 1st place overall Showmanship Video Contest; 1st place Grade Holstein Winter Heifer Calf; 1st place Grade Holstein Junior Yearling Heifer; 1st place Grade Holstein Winter Yearling; Junior Champion Grade Holstein Heifer; 1st place Grade Holstein; Senior Yearling Heifer Reserve Junior Champion Grade Holstein Heifer 1st place Junior 2 Year Old Grade Holstein Cow; Reserve Senior Champion Grade Holstein; Reserve Champion Grade Holstein; 1st Place 5 year old and over Grade Holstein Cow; Senior Champion Grade Holstein Female; Champion Grade Holstein female; Supreme Champion Female.

Amelia Nevarez: 2nd place Advanced and 3rd overall in Video Showmanship Contest; 1st place Registered Jersey Summer Yearling Heifer; Junior Champion Registered Jersey Heifer; champion Registered Jersey Female; 1st place Dry Cow Class Grade Jersey; 1st place Grade Jersey Senior 2 Year Old Cow; Senior Champion Grade Jersey Female; Champion Grade Jersey Female; Reserve Supreme Champion Female.

Tommy Eproson: 2nd place Grade Jersey Senior Yearling Heifer; Reserve Junior Champion Grade Jersey Heifer; 1st place Grade Jersey Four Year Old Cow; Reserve Senior Champion Grade Jersey Female; Reserve Champion Grade Jersey Female; 2nd Place Grade Jersey Dry Cow Class.

Marcus Nevarez: 1st place Grade Jersey Summer Yearling Heifer.

Rylan Eproson: 3rd place Grade Jersey Senior Yearling Heifer.

Danielle Teicheira: 5th Place Grade Holstein Summer Yearling Heifer.

Devin Teicheira: 2nd Place Grade Holstein Winter Heifer Calf.



Break 1 Market Steer: Vivian Borba: 4th Place; Zack Hearn: 5th Place; Madisyn VanDykuizen: 6th Place

Break 3 Market Steer: Claire Gookin: 6th Place.



Adarine Groves: 6th Place Meat Pens.



Kaylynn McCutcheon: 1st Place Class 4-Breed-Junior Bucks.



4-H Durocs:

Break 2: Allie Alicea: 3rd Place; Peyton Stagno; 4th Place; Alexandria Fiser: 5th Place; Zoey Baracosa: 6th Place.

Break 3: Frankie Teicheira: 3rd Place; Jacob Goatcher: 4th Place.

4-H Hampshires:

Break 7: Kyle VanArsdell: 5th Place; Dylan Lee: 7th Place.

Break 8: Gregory Adams: 3rd Place; Tiago Chadinha: 5th Place.

4-H Yorkshires:

Break 13: Emily Pires: 2nd Place; Marco Chadinha: 3rd Place.

4-H AOB:

Break 14: Mason Fiser: 2nd Place; Mason Leal: 3rd Place; Colten Anderson: 4th Place; Helen Olson: 6th Place.

Break 15: Joy Olson: 4th Place; Daniel Olson: 5th Place.

4-H Crossbred:

Break 18: Austin Lee: 4th Place.

Break: 19: Luke DeJong: 2nd Place; Devin Teicheira: 3rd Place; Payton Abrew: 7th Place.

Break 20: Aimy VanDykuizen: 8th Place (Ripon).

Break 21: Michael Pires: 2nd Place.

Break 23: Jake Guibor: 5th Place.

Break 24: Eran Williams: 6th Place; Emilie Machado Peres: 7th Place.

Break 25: Luke Abrew 5th Place.

Break 26: Daniella Teicheira: 5th Place.



Destiny Reyes: Nigerian Dwarf Intermediate Kid: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place; Nigerian Dwarf Senior Kid 1st and 2nd Place; Junior Champion Nigerian Dwarf; Reserve Junior Champion Nigerian Dwarf.

Faith Reyes: 2nd Place Nigerian Dwarf 2 year old.



Light Crossbreeds: Colten Anderson: 4th Place.



Claire Gookin: 2nd Place all other Registered English Breeds Junior Yearling Female; 1st place all other registered Exotic Breeds Senior Yearling Females; All Registered Exotic Breeds Reserve Champion Female.

Madisyn Vandykhuizen: 3rd Place Grade Beef Cattle Heifer Calf.