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El Portal Middle School Honors Outstanding Students
Riley Ogilvie.jpg
Riley Ogilvie
Isabella Nalbandian.jpg
Isabella Nalbandian
Marcos Grajeda.jpg
Marcos Grajeda
Ayden Wilson.jpg
Ayden Wilson

Four students were selected recently as the Students of the Month at El Portal Middle School, with a sixth grader, a seventh grader and two eighth grade students sharing the spotlight.

Sixth grade student Riley Ogilvie was nominated for the award by teacher Mrs. Michaels, who cited her academic growth, leadership, citizenship and service to school or community as reasons for the selection.

“Riley is a very responsible and motivated student. She comes to school every day with an excitement for learning and a dedication for going above and beyond at school,” said Michaels. “Riley pays close attention to details and makes sure that her daily work is not only accurate, but of the utmost quality.”

Along with excellence in the classroom, she was also described as a “model student” who sets a positive example for her peers.

“Her work ethic and focus on doing well is an inspiration to her classmates and has earned her a leadership role in the classroom,” Michaels explained. “Riley is a wonderful young lady and it is my privilege being her teacher at El Portal.”

Marcos Grajeda, a seventh grader, was nominated by teacher Mrs. Dyk. He was honored for his academic growth, leadership and athletic performance.

“Marcos is a positive role model for his peers,” said Dyk. “He communicates well to make sure he knows what he needs to complete in class in order to excel academically, especially if he knows he will miss class for sports.”

Dyk added that he comes to class “prepared and ready to learn” and also routinely encourages his classmates to do the same.

“Marcos is a wonderful young man who understands what it takes for him to succeed,” Dyk said.

Teacher Steve Largent nominated seventh grade student Isabella Nalbandian for the Student of the Month honor, focusing on academic growth, leadership and citizenship.

“Throughout the school year Isabella has shown excellent academic integrity,” said Largent. “All of her assignments and tests are done in a high standard. She sets the bar high and influences and inspires others around her. She always enters class with a smile and is ready to learn, day in and day out.”

Eighth grader Ayden Wilson received his nomination from Largent as well, with academic growth, citizenship and athletic performance the highlights.

“I had the pleasure to coach Ayden in basketball last year and his heart and determination was second to none,” noted Largent. “I now have the pleasure to get to know Ayden as a student, and his work ethic and determination to succeed is a motivation to others and to myself as a teacher.”

Largent added that Wilson serves as a good role model for his peers.                                                                                     

“He is the student-athlete I would be happy to let my own children strive to be,” Largent said.

The Student of the Month program at El Portal is sponsored by the local Kiwanis Club; honorees are recognized at a Kiwanis meeting and receive a special plaque commemorating their achievement.