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Crosswalk Lights Fully Operational
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Now that the project to upgrade the in-pavement pedestrian crossing lights at Highway 120 and Elizabeth Avenue, adjacent to Big Boy Market, has been completed, officials are looking at doing the same work in another location.

Response to the new lights has been primarily positive, said City Engineer John Abrew. Work was done by Heaps Electric, in cooperation with the city and Caltrans. The main changes are that the lights themselves are brighter and the flash pattern to alert motorists to the presence of a pedestrian is quicker.

"That allows greater visibility," Abrew explained.

Still, pedestrians are urged to cross with caution, as the activation of the crosswalk lights does not automatically mean that motorists will stop.

The LED lights installed are more visible from a farther distance and coincide with the overhead blinking lights, which allow motorists ample time to slow down in case someone is still in the crosswalk.

Abrew said officials are hoping now that a project to improve the crossing on Escalon Avenue, in between the high school and Heritage House, will be completed by the end of the month.

"The cost is approximately $20,000 for each one," Abrew said of the crosswalk sites, noting that the money had been set aside previously for the project.

In other work being done around the city, a shoulder backing project has been completed, which was designed to stabilize the shoulders and provide some dust control on unpaved streets. Also, Abrew said officials are looking to award the bid for the Reed Manor pipeline replacement project on June 15. Once the project starts, in the area of Vine and Autumn, some of the pipelines in that area will be replaced, with temporary interruptions to water service during the day. Abrew said all residents will have water service restored by the end of each working day.