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Collegeville Talent Takes Center Stage
They pulled out all the stops Friday night in Collegeville - from a scrumptious homemade burrito dinner to the annual school talent show - and the crowd was boisterous and appreciative.

Nearly two dozen acts took to the stage in the Collegeville Elementary cafeteria-multipurpose room, the students and staff combining talents to put on the successful show. But the entertainment didn't start until the dozens of families enjoyed the burrito dinner, cooked and served by members of the adult English language learner class at the school, which involves several parents. Collegeville cafeteria staff provided the supervision, with many of the adult class members doing the cooking. Members of the PTA also assisted at the event.

"It was a good turnout," said English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher Jackie Villines.

She and Rosa Rodriguez, who also helps with the adult class, decided to have the class members put on the burrito dinner as their community project this year.

"Last year, we did a family book but this year we did the burrito dinner," Villines said, noting that it was well received by the many diners turning out for the dinner before the show.

"It was all cooked by our ESL moms and we got some great comments, everyone said how good the food was," said Villines. "They've been cooking for two days straight."

Not to be outdone, performers gave the standing room only crowd more than they could hope for, with acts ranging from soloists to fiddles to accordions to dance routines. There were even a couple of dances featuring principal Bob Amato, happy to don a costume or two to help the cause.