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Catalytic Converter Engraving
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A special event to help combat the ongoing catalytic converter thefts in the area is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 18.

Escalon Police Department Sgt. Anthony Hardgraves said on Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., there will be a catalytic converter engraving event at Les Schwab, on McHenry Avenue in Escalon.

“We will engrave a vehicle’s license plate number on its catalytic converter to help identify it in the event of its theft,” Hardgraves explained. “We will only be engraving cars and trucks, no RV’s or motorcycles. We only have the one event scheduled for now, but depending on turnout and reception, we may schedule more.”

Hardgraves said Escalon, like many communities around the Central Valley, has seen an increase in the catalytic converter thefts. The engraving, which can be seen by the potential thieves, is a strong deterrent in that the stolen converter can be traced back to its owner and, in turn, possibly the perpetrator.

This will be a free service, a cooperative effort between the police department and Les Schwab Tires.