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Bike, Pedestrian Upgrades Focus Of Grant Application

The City of Escalon is preparing an application for grant funding through the Active Transportation Program (ATP) for the Main Street Bike and Pedestrian Improvements Project.

The proposed project, according to city officials, would include construction of a Class-1 bike path for 700 feet through the Main Street Park between First and Third streets. Also, southeast of Third Street, the project would provide for construction of sidewalks on the southwest side of Main Street between Fourth Street and St. John Road.

The project will install bulb-outs and high visibility crosswalks at the intersection of Main and Fourth Streets, and two speed feedback signs would be situated between Fourth Street and Franklin Street.

If approved, the field work needed for the grant-funded project would include: minor roadway excavation for trail, sidewalk, and bulb-out construction; paving of the Class I trail; concrete work for sidewalk placement; streetscape work for the bulb-outs (likely stamped concrete or pavers); striping and signage; and installation of the speed feedback signs.