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Allen Settles In To Post
After serving the last several years as a teacher and coach at Escalon High School, Talmage Allen has now moved into the assistant principal's office.

He was the choice of the school board after former assistant Dave Lattig made the move to the principal's post to start the school year. Allen was a drafting teacher and when his position was filled, he was able to take on the assistant principal role. He also taught physical education and coached, and was entering his seventh year teaching in the district.

"There's definitely a learning curve that has taken place, but I'm getting there," Allen said, smiling. "I'm amazed by the amount of paperwork it entails but I really enjoy the ability to counsel kids."

The assistant principal's role is more in the area of discipline and counseling and Allen said he feels he can make a difference with the students.

"I can help and support," he said.

Finishing up his administrative credential last year at Stanislaus State, Allen said he didn't anticipate being able to use it so quickly.

"I figured the opportunity might come in a couple of years," he admitted. "They (Stan State) did a great job preparing me for this."

The book learning was much different than what he is learning 'on the job' but both have been important as he adjusts to the ins and outs of the position.

"A typical day will vary, according to what's going on," he said of the job. "I may do some follow up with students, there could be some disciplinary action, I may have some meetings with teachers."

Allen also likes to get out of the office as much as he can, to be a visible presence on the campus.

"I do a lot of monitoring," he pointed out. "I'm out there in between class periods and at lunch, I will stop by classrooms. The big piece is discipline in this position and that's needed."

Allen said he has enjoyed the support of students and faculty as he has made the transition from teacher to administrator. Having taught and coached in the district, he said, perhaps made it easier since he is "not the new guy" and not bringing in unfamiliar ideas and concepts.

He completed his student teaching in Idaho after attending Brigham Young University in Idaho. His wife is from Oakdale and Allen attended Oakdale High School for his junior and senior years, graduating from OHS. They have three children, two boys and a girl ranging in age from 3- to 8-years-old.

District officials were pleased that they could hire 'in-house' for the administrative role, with a qualified candidates rising to the top in Allen.

"I actually didn't think it would come here, Escalon being a small district and not a lot of opportunities on a yearly basis," he noted of being surprised when the assistant principal role became available unexpectedly at the start of the school year. "I'm very happy to stay here and be part of the Escalon team."

The district itself enjoys a solid reputation, he said, which he wants to help continue in terms of student academic and athletic achievement, as well as community involvement.

In his years at EHS as a coach, Allen served as the freshman boys basketball coach, JV boys soccer coach and an assistant for track and field. Now he will attend some of those events as an administrator, not a coach, but said he still is supportive of the district and its students.

"I want this to continue to be a place that people would want to have their kids go to school," he said. "I support athletics and I support the clubs and activities but it really does come down to the classroom and how we achieve there.

"I enjoy the challenge, I enjoy the leadership and I'm grateful to be able to serve the community of Escalon, it's a great community and I'm proud to say I work in Escalon."