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Zooming Into Activities With Local AAUW

Belonging to a local non-profit organization that serves the community can be a welcome respite from all the current unrest in our lives.

That, according to local resident June Botto, speaking on behalf of one such group, the local AAUW.

Social interaction, having a support group, and opportunity to exhibit one’s creative and intellectual strengths are all great reasons to consider joining AAUW, Botto said.

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) Oakdale/Riverbank/Escalon branch is dedicated to advancing women’s education and equity for all. Membership is open to people who have or are working towards an associate’s degree or higher.

The “equity for all” piece of the mission is being highlighted Thursday, Sept. 10 at the first meeting of the year. Members and guests will meet via Zoom for a presentation on the current topic of equality and how it relates to us personally. The meeting will be ‘mind blowingly educational’, noted Botto. For anyone interested in furthering their knowledge, there is also a racial injustice focus group available. Call 209-847-0271 for more information.

The following is what AAUW has to offer pre and post pandemic:

Book Group (still meeting over Zoom); Gourmet Dining Group that explores culinary experiences in the region; Movie Group seeks the best, most enlightening films of the year; On the Go Group enjoys a variety of day trips that include tours of various destinations in the region; Study Group examines current topics of interest.

Fundraisers provide two scholarships: one four year college ($1,000 per year) and one two year junior college/technical school ($500 per year). Also, 10 yearly scholarships are awarded to seventh grade girls to attend a Tech Trek STEM camp at CSU Fresno. In addition, ORE sponsors Speech Trek, a public speaking competition open to high school students in our area.

Monthly general meetings are usually held in members’ homes. Meetings include speakers that will inform members on a wide variety of topics. Come join a vibrant, welcoming group of women that works to provide educational opportunities for people in our community and enjoys a lot of fun and camaraderie along the way. Also, check the AAUW website at