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Ways To Bridge The Distance For Mothers Day Observance
Mothers Day pix

Many modern families are spread out across the country if not the globe. Some people move away from family to further their careers, while others are called upon to care for others. Children may separate from their parents to witness new travel experiences. Military service may call individuals away from home as well.

Distance can make it challenging to spend time together for major holidays and other special occasions – like Mother’s Day. But Mother’s Day can still be special even if mom lives hundreds or thousands of miles away.


Embrace technology

Technology helps break down some of the barriers created by distance. While phone calls were once the way to keep in touch, many people now utilize various forms of digital communication. Someone who lives across different time zones can talk through texting or the various social media avenues available on computers, phones and tablets. Video apps like Skype and FaceTime enable you to video chat with others in real time. Come Mother’s Day, connect with mom via such apps so you can watch her open up her gifts.


Reconnect with home

If mom is the one who ventured from home, help her to reconnect with her hometown or another place she feels attached to. Ship her some favorite regional foods that can only be bought in town. Make a photo or video montage of places of interest in town. These little touches of home can mean the world to her.


Create a special day

Even if you do not live near your mother, you can still plan a fun day for her in her town. Make reservations for a spa, hair salon or other sources of pampering and surprise her with all the details.


Treat her to the ultimate surprise

If possible, make a surprise visit this Mother’s Day. Coordinate the plan with your father or another relative and then enjoy seeing her eyes light up when you arrive.


With a little creativity, even families separated by geography can share the magic of Mother’s Day together.