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Tools That Can Keep People Safe At Home
house tools
Homeowners can rely on devices and other tools to prevent their homes from being damaged and themselves and their families safe.

Homes should be sanctuaries for their inhabitants. Keeping homes safe and sound requires both maintenance and some caution designed to make homes less vulnerable to potentially costly issues.

Promptly addressing maintenance issues around the house can reduce the risk of accident or injury. In addition, various items can alert homeowners to problems they may not otherwise recognize before issues jeopardize residents’ health or take a turn for the costly.

Auto shut-off features

Who hasn’t left the house only to worry an hour or so later about whether the coffee pot was turned off or the straightening iron was unplugged? When shopping for personal care items or appliances, seek out models that have automatic shut-off features. This safety feature will power down the unit after a certain amount of time, which can reduce the risk of overheated products and house fires.

Flood and leak detector

The financial information and wellness resource Canstar says leakages, burst pipes and other water-related issues in a home are one of the more common home emergencies. Water damage can cost between hundreds and thousands of dollars depending on how invasive the water problem is. Catching a leak or flood in a home early on is essential.

Water leak detectors are designed to detect a potential flood or leak at an early stage so homeowners can take action. Sensors may sound an alarm or be connected to a WiFi system to send an alert to a mobile device.

Carbon monoxide and gas detection

It is vital that homeowners install carbon monoxide detectors in their homes. Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, and can cause poisoning that slowly suffocates a person. It also is combustible.

Carbon monoxide devices cannot detect a gas leak, but gas detectors can. They are a wise addition for people who have a significant number of natural gas appliances, or those who have older, gas-powered appliances.

Sump pump alarm

A sump pump can mean the difference between a flooded basement and a dry floor. Homeowners may not recognize a sump pump malfunction during a power outage, and clogs also may not be detectable until the basement floods. Sump pump alarms incorporated into the system alert homeowners that something is amiss.