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Summertime Projects Aim To Help Keep Kids Busy
Kids Summer
There are a variety of educational projects children can work on this summer, including studying butterflies and bugs in the backyard.
Summer slide is a concept that has been on educators’ minds since 1996, when the first comprehensive study on the topic was published. Students lose significant knowledge in core subjects over the summer break, and those losses increase each year. There’s much parents can do to help their children continue learning over the summer. Educational projects may be a good start. Here’s a brief list of educational projects children can work on this summer.


Conduct informal science experiments, such as growing the biggest vegetable or studying butterflies or insects that visit the backyard.


Maintain a journal about adventures during summer vacation through personal narratives or even through creative fictional accounts based on the child’s experiences.


Search for patterns in nature, such as those in shells or flowers.


Learn about money by keeping tallies on souvenir purchases or the cost of items in stores.


Calculate distances from home by using maps and mileage.


Become amateur meteorologists, keeping track of changing weather patterns and which signs indicate precipitation.


Stock up on summer reading books that everyone in the family can enjoy while sitting poolside or at the beach.


Visit a museum or a local point of interest and learn about something historical.