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New Buds n Manteca countryside Rural nursery offers water-efficient option
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209 staff reporter

New Bud’s Nursery is an oasis of sort located smack dab in the middle of the agricultural community in south Manteca.

The business at 23563 S. Manteca Road offers a large variety of plants and trees for the avid gardener along with information on keeping up or remaking that front or back yard.

Enter water-efficient landscaping.

This is part of the effort for folks to reduce water consumption given the severe drought conditions.

Owner Todd Roddan can offer up suggestions to keep the outside scenery both aesthetic pleasing and drought tolerant.

“For the past few years, we’ve offered a variety (of plants, trees and shrubs) for that work,” he said.

Roddan offered up the following suggestions:

·         Agapanthus, which is commonly known as lily of the Nile – although not actual lilies – feature a colorful blue flower.

·         Red tip photinia, which can be grown as shrub, is aptly named because the new leaf growth is red but matures to a dark, glossy green.

·         Mock orange, a flowering shrub, is known for its citrusy fragrance, with the plant producing light green leaves and flowers in the late spring / early summer.

·         Barberry shrubs are described as an attractive, thorny bush often used in landscaping as a foundation plant.

·         Silver queen is an aglaonema or Chinese evergreen that can provide a tropical look to any garden.

·         Abelia is a flowery shrub with a fragrance bloom that appears in early summer.

The aforementioned is only part of the process.

Roddan noted that a drip irrigation system is more efficient than the conventional sprinkler system. “It applies water to the plant and only where needed,” Roddan said.

Not only that, but drip irrigation comes with easy do-it-yourself installation instructions as it hooks up to any outdoor tap.

Roddan also mentioned the use of pea gravel, bark or wood chips on landscaping, stressing the importance of first placing a weed lock or barrier as an underlayment before doing the job.

He also emphasized soil and fertilizer for gardening.

“Soil is very important when it comes to planting,” Roddan said. “Fertilizer will help keep the plant strong and healthy.”

Before folks consider changing up their yard, they should consultant with an expert.

Roddan and others are available to offer up such advice.

For more information, call New Bud’s Nursery at 209.824.7403.