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Five Ways To Pamper Yourself More Often
Pampering comes in many shapes and forms and is an effective way to reduce stress.

The COVID-19 pandemic left many people scrambling for ways to unwind without risking their health or the health of others. For more than a year, opportunities to let loose and have fun were stymied by the cancellation of concerts, theater shows, sporting events, family holidays, and so much more in the name of public safety. Individuals can look to coping strategies to find silver linings. Pampering oneself can be a healthy and enjoyable endeavor to explore.

Pampering means different things to different people. Pampering involves indulging in self-care strategies to improve mental, physical and emotional health. Pampering can provide a respite from stress, enabling one to switch off his or her brain for a bit. Rest assured that pampering doesn’t have to involve big expenses, and many pampering sessions can take place right at home. The following are five pampering ideas to explore.

Take a nap

Getting enough restful sleep is essential for your overall health. The Sleep Foundation says people who work multiple jobs or for extended hours may not have enough time for sufficient sleep, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates one in three American adults do not get enough sleep. Getting seven or more hours of sleep per night is important, but you also can add to your sleep bank by taking short naps in the early afternoon. A nap can reduce stress and elevate the mood. Stick to a snooze of 30 minutes or less.

Indulge in a luxurious practical item

Instead of splurging on something that is whimsical or unnecessary, allocate some disposable dollars to something functional – but put a luxurious spin on it. Think of buying a set of silk bedsheets or indulge on a high-end cut of meat for a family dinner. You’ll feel rewarded without feeling guilty that you were wasteful.

Schedule a salon service

Hair, nail or skin services enable you to get away from home for an hour or more and devote time all to yourself. Plus, you’ll have the benefit of walking out of the salon looking like the best version of yourself.

Take a hot bath

People may be pressed for time when engaging in their daily beauty and grooming routines. A 10-minute shower before work might not provide the relaxation and sense of escape you need. Set aside a time in the evening to soak in the tub and let stress as well as aches and pains melt away in the water. Scent the water with essential oils for a relaxing aromatherapy session.

Find a simple pleasure

Display fresh flowers on the table, listen to some favorite music while cleaning the house or plan a homemade meal for yourself accompanied by a fine wine. Planning for a simple pleasure once or twice a week gives you something to look forward to.