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Eclectic Home Design Trends

BRANDPOINT — The year is already off to a stylish start, but there are plenty more trends that will be coming into focus in the coming months. Designers around the country are exploring a dynamic mix of patterns and unexpected colors, plus creative new approaches to flooring, accents and lighting.

Here are the go-to trends making a splash in design studios and homes this spring.

Just in time for spring, floral designs are bringing walls and furnishings to life. Floral wallpaper is coming back in a big way, turning rooms into virtual gardens. But not to worry - the latest designs are not your grandmother's wallpaper. Intriguing, modern and sophisticated floral designs in vibrant color choices are available to suit any taste.

Another great trend for spring combines people's passions for naturally occurring aesthetics and nature, often brought to life through indoor gardens, small trees or "living walls." These design statements allow plants and other aspects of nature to become a visual focus in any home.

It is also inspired by natural materials like wood and stone, earth tones and natural colors, and organic shapes. These elements are showcased throughout the home, including in wooden architectural beams, stone-based accent pieces and naturally colored accent walls. Yesterday's linear furniture designs are being replaced by softer, curvier shapes that mimic forms in nature.

Designers and homeowners alike are making a statement in flooring that combines intriguing design with a natural flair, such as geometrically patterned flooring created from naturally beautiful hardwood.

"Patterned flooring is beginning to dominate today's interior designs," says Katie Allen, design and trend director at Lumber Liquidators Flooring. "It can be used in a wide variety of spaces to add texture and character to any room."

For example, it is easier than ever to create a warm, visually exciting look in almost any home with a chevron pattern using Bellawood Engineered Hardwood Flooring from Lumber Liquidators. Each patterned plank is arranged in a custom zigzag pattern, meaning homeowners won't be wasting time installing individually angled boards.

The handcrafted distressing of the wood also reveals the natural grain and rich brown hues, appealing to homeowners wanting a natural look.

Along with the emphasis on nature-based color palettes comes a shift away from the neutral tones that have become popular over the last couple of years. Jewel tones like deep blues, a variety of green hues and even subtle pinks are seeing a comeback for walls, rugs, cabinets and furnishings.

Designers are often choosing strongly contrasting colors to make visually bold statements, like pink against blue, rich blue against a lighter green or any color paired with black or white.

Mix and match: Unusual juxtapositions of color are being matched by contrasting textures and materials. Architects and designers are getting creative with the interplay of materials such as marbles against woods, plus geometric patterns created by tiles used for accent walls or as a backsplash.

Fiber art - like handcrafted rugs, throw pillows, blankets and wall hangings - is popular again, and will help make any room pop. Rattan and cane furniture also provide similar variety in terms of texture, color and pattern.

Lighting is no longer just a way to illuminate your space, but a bold detail to add visual excitement to any room. Champagne gold lighting fixtures are one fun trend that really stands out, seen in every room from living and dining rooms to kitchens and baths.

Some of this spring's overall trends can easily be brought to life through lighting choices, from wicker or caned pendant lamps to rounder, more organically shaped lighting fixtures.

Let your own personality and design sensibility shine through when decorating your living spaces, using these trends as inspiration.

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