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Different Ways To Treat Dad For Father’s Day
fathers day

The month of June is filled with many different celebrations and is the month to show dads how much they are loved and appreciated.

This year Father’s Day takes place on Sunday, June 21, and marks the 110th anniversary of this day for dads. Even though Father’s Day began as a regional event in the state of Washington, nearly 60 years later it would be recognized as a national holiday across the United States. Father’s Day also is commemorated elsewhere in the world at various times of the year.

According to the most recent census data and statistics, there are 8.6 million fathers and father figures in Canada and 72 million in the United States. The following are some ways to treat dads this Father’s Day.

Participate in his hobby

Dad likely has some favorite hobbies, such as playing a favorite sport, boating, hunting, woodworking, or restoring a classic car. Asking to join in to learn the ropes of his favorite hobby can be an ideal way to spend time with Dad and show you care.

Tackle his chores

Provide Dad a weekend off from his normal tasks around the house if they are within your skill set. Volunteer to mow the lawn, weed the garden, run for groceries, or get the car washed. You also may want to help him finish a project he started but hasn’t yet completed.

Take in a show or a game

Maybe Dad has a favorite team he follows or a comedian he loves to watch. Make home viewing a special event by clearing a few hours of your schedule and setting up a comfortable viewing area. Make some special snacks and stream his favorite programming right at home.

Give him ‘his’ space

Dads often make sacrifices for their families, and this could mean compromising on his comfort and pleasure to ensure everyone else has what they need. Create a spot that is entirely his own. This may involve renovating the basement or garage for hobbies or hanging out. Even a free-standing shed in the backyard can be billed as a ‘Dad Zone,’ giving your father a place to which he can retreat for some peace and quiet.

Start thinking of special ways to show Dad he deserves top billing.