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Day Trips Seniors Can Enjoy Not Far From Home
day trips
Day trips are enjoyable ventures that seniors can enjoy when they want to get out but not necessarily get away.

Vacations to faraway destinations can make lasting memories that families cherish forever. Though day trips might not require the planning of more traditional vacations, these brief getaways can still be a great way to spend a day, especially for seniors.

Day trips typically are based around visits to historic attractions, shopping districts, restaurants, or museums. Since they don’t require much in the way of advanced planning, and tend to be easy on the wallet, day trips are ideal for those looking for short getaways.

When considering day trips, seniors should look for locales that are no more than two to three hours away. Such proximity ensures travelers will have plenty of time to see the sights and still get home at a reasonable hour.

Need day trip inspiration? Here are some ideas to get started.

Botanical gardens

Botanical gardens are beautiful and relaxing places to spend a day. The Botanic Gardens Conservation International reports that there are between 296 to 1,014 botanical gardens and arboretums in the United States, while there are roughly 70 botanic gardens across Canada. People can tour topiaries, exotic plants, butterfly retreats, acres of rolling landscape, and even bonsai collections.

Seaside towns

Visits to the coast make for memorable, scenic excursions. Many boast quaint shops to purchase coastal trinkets or decor. Seaside spots also may boast their share of fishing charters or sightseeing cruises, and seafood fans will appreciate what these regions have to offer in the way of dining.

Historic cities and villages

Touring historic places of register can be a hands-on way to learn about the country’s history. They can provide more personal experiences than books and movies alone.

Zoos and aquariums

Interacting with wildlife is on the itinerary when visiting zoos and aquariums, and such establishments typically offer discounted admissions to seniors. From the famed San Diego Zoo to the Georgia Aquarium, it’s possible to get up close and personal with many species.

Wine tasting

A recent study from Wine & Vines magazine said there are 8,391 wineries in North America, and that number is on the rise. One is likely to find a winery to visit and sample the wares close to home. Make a day of it by bringing a picnic lunch.


Museums are ideal day trip destinations because many are indoors. That means weather never needs to be an issue while visiting. With historic artifacts, paintings, sculptures, or niche items like pop art or collectibles, there are museums for just about every interest. For example, railway enthusiasts can visit the National Railroad Museum in Wisconsin, one of the oldest railroad museums in the country.

Restaurant crawl

Certain town centers and tourist destinations organize restaurant events where day trippers can enjoy tasting menus from various establishments for a single price. Day trips also can culminate at one specific restaurant. A new restaurant can be visited each month.