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Comfortable And Easy Winter Entertaining Ideas
Winter ideas

Winter entertaining need not end once Christmas and New Year’s Day have come and gone. Getting together with friends and family is still a favorite wintertime activity, even when the weather is less than ideal. When Mother Nature takes a chilly turn, those who want to keep the party going can consider the following entertaining ideas.

Indulge in sweet treats. Comfort foods can make even the most blustery winds easier to tolerate. Invite people over for a dessert party. At a dessert pot luck party, everyone brings along a favorite decadent dessert, from molten lava chocolate cake to warm bread pudding. Serve alongside tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Adults can enjoy the added punch of spiked beverages, which can warm everyone up instantly.

Host a ‘rainy day’ party. Spending a day cooped up inside when the rain is coming down hard and the roads headed toward the mountains are covered in snow might not be your idea of fun, but invite a mix of friends and neighbors who live nearby over, and this impromptu party can make the cabin fever disappear. Ask guests to bring one food item or beverage. Light a fire in the fireplace and set out some cozy throw blankets.

Get cooking. Cooking can certainly pass the time, and it can be even more enjoyable when done in the company of others. Send out an invitation for friends to stop by for a meal or plan a meal prep party.

Host a movie marathon. Handpick some favorite films and invite everyone over for a movie marathon. Fill the family room, home theater room or living room to capacity and host a group for a film fest. If space permits, set up one room with a children’s movie for youngsters, while the adults retire to another room for movies that are more their speed. A buffet table set up with assorted snacks will help keep bellies full while guests watch some favorite flicks.

Winter days and nights are ripe for entertaining possibilities. These events help squash the cabin fever that can sometimes develop during the colder times of year.