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Classical Choral Music Concert Slated In Sonora
Sonora Sings

Sonora Sings Classical, an organization founded to promote singing of classical choral music, will hold its fourth event on Sunday, March 10, at 3 p.m.

With the vision of choral enthusiast, director and singer, Barbara Broad, the organization was formed in 2016 to provide opportunities for choral singers to participate in the reading of choral music without the commitment of extensive rehearsal.

The March 10 program will feature classical, choral favorites by Brahms, Fauré, Haydn, Lauridsen and others and will take place in the sanctuary of St. James Church (“The Red Church”) at 42 Snell St., Sonora. Former Columbia College Professor John Carter will lead. Dorothy Woodford Arndt and Gail Johnson will provide piano accompaniment.

“We are so thrilled to offer our fourth event. Participating singers and non-singing audience members have expressed a real enthusiasm for this event,” Broad said. “Not only is it a low-key commitment by singers, it is also a chance for them to sing some of the thousands of pieces of choral music composed over the centuries.”

Music will be handed out to participants who will then sit in the church pews by voice section. Then with only a few comments from Carter, a Sonora Sings Classical board member, the piece will be sung all the way through.

This year’s music will include 22 titles.

“We try to pick music that is familiar and loved by experienced singers,” Carter noted. “But we also select some music that may be unfamiliar to everyone but should be. These are pieces that are ‘classics” of the choral repertoire.”

The church, St. James Episcopal, at the end of Sonora’s main street, is an iconic structure built in the 1850s. It is recognized throughout the central Mother Lode for its unique red color and its historical architecture.

Jennie Moiso, Sonora Sings Classical board member, said, “The building provides excellent acoustics, site lines, and a very good piano. And we appreciate the church allowing us to hold the event here.”

Admission is open to all: singers and listeners. There is no admission charged, but donations will be accepted to support and acknowledge the accompanists.

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