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African American Ed Conference At MJC

The Modesto Junior College African American Education Conference is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 23, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Mary Stuart Rogers Student Learning Center on West Campus, 2201 Blue Gum Ave., Modesto.

The free conference is for students ages 13 to 21 and geared toward encouraging them to stay in school, plan for college and develop skills that will ensure student success. Parents are encouraged to attend as well. The purpose of the African American Education Conference is to enrich and empower current and future students to be successful in pursuing higher education.

The conference’s keynote speaker is Demetrius Snaer, MJC professor and track and field coach. Professor Snaer is sharing an empowering story on what it takes to overcome challenges and obstacles in life. Participants will leave this conference educated, inspired and motivated to achieve their goals.

The conference includes the following workshops:

Navigating Modesto Junior College - Jacquelyn Forte, Ph.D., examines a holistic approach to resources at MJC, while emphasizing the importance of goals and aspirations.

Mattering - Professor Albert Smith, in collaboration with the Umoja Program, engages participants in a discussion of political, economic, cultural, civic and spiritual African American life and experiences.

Career Minded - Dejeune Shelton, the director of MJC Career Services, assists participants in learning how to identify and establish a career brand while developing and implementing college and career goals.

Young Gifted & Black: A Response to Kendrick Lamar’s DNA - Professor Tracey Potts explores the application of the lyrics to interpersonal communication and personal adjustment.

Say It Loud! - Lakiesha McDonald, MJC student success specialist, focuses African American identity and understanding the importance of knowing who you are. Participants will learn the power of words, and how they can be used to uplift one’s self and others.

Historically Black College & Universities - Attendees have the opportunity to learn about the easy and seamless process to transfer to an HBCU from a California Community College.

Nurturing Resilience - Lonita Cordova, Psy.D., shares how to identify skills which promote success in relationships and life by nurturing hope within diverse communities.

Looking at Wealth Building - Emerson Johnson, a successful franchise owner, explores strategies to build and maintain wealth, focusing on financial literacy.

Black & Brown Liberation: A Parallel History - Professor Melanie Berru, in collaboration with M.E.Ch.A., explores Black and Chicanx parallel history, social conditions and the shared struggle for social justice.

Academic Sabotage - Students from the MJC Black Student Union are sharing tools to succeed in college and their personal experience in pursuing higher education.