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3 bookstores on Stocktons Miracle Mile.
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The independently owned Miracle Mile Bookstore is similar to that of a thrift store but with plenty of books, DVDs, and other items.


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What does the Miracle Mile Bookstore, Doors Book Recyclery and Mr. Otto’s Bookstore have common?

All three are independently-owned book stores along Stockton’s Miracle Mile.

Doors Book Recyclery and Mr. Otto’s Bookstore occupy the same space at 2310 Pacific Ave. while the Miracle Mile Bookstore, 2210 Pacific Ave., is about block away.

Owner Phong To annexed the two buildings specifically for those who love books and have a love for reading.

Door Book Recyclery is a Children’s book store – Mr. Otto has books for children of all ages, according to

Mr. Otto is Tim Otto, a retired school teacher.

As for Miracle Mile Bookstore, as one local resident puts it, is “a thrift store (but) with a bunch of books and DVDs that you can buy for with just a couple of bucks.”

The Miracle Mile Bookstore is open seven days a week, from noon to 6 p.m., with 2,500 square feet of book shelves, carrying anything from New Age, Western Philosophy, and assortment of self-help books along with the classics.

“They have a lot of classics, and the books are organized by genres – inexpensive and the staff is friendly,” said one Stockton woman.

Look no further than the Doors Book Recyclery / Mr. Otto’s Bookstore for classic children’s books.

“I came in here expecting to look for some novels but quickly turned into a 7 year old again with all my childhood favorites,” said one of the locals who went by ‘Dr. Gonzo’ X.

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