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Boat Safety Education, Inspection Offered
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Having a boat is a huge responsibility. It is a privilege and not a right. When you take your boat out this summer, please remember that you are not only responsible for the safety of those on the boat with you, but also those around you while sharing the water. The Oakdale Off Shore Club and United States Coast Guard want to make sure that you have fun this summer, but also that your boat is safe and that it is in proper working condition.

To that end, the two organizations are teaming up for the 10th annual Water Safety and Boat Inspection Expo. The free event will be held Sunday, March 2 at the Cost Less parking lot on North Yosemite Avenue in Oakdale beginning at 9 a.m. and will end after all boats brought in have been cleared by the United States Coast Guard for final inspection.

“Please have your registration in hand,” said Oakdale Off Shore Vice President Doug Miller. “You must have your registration to be seen. It will be a first come, first serve basis. Our goals are to make sure people understand and respect water safety. We want people to have a fun and safe summer and by checking their boats and safety supplies, it’s a start.”

The inspection process will include testing your boat’s batteries, lights, brakes, engine as well as life jackets, first aid kits, and other safety supplies. The Coast Guard will provide a state issued sticker when your boat has been approved for both water safety and standard running operations.

Oakdale Off Shore has been serving the Oakdale area for over 20 years and strongly encourages everyone with a boat to come out. For more details, call Miller at (209)840-3148.