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El Portal Bowling

With a 22-14 mark, Farm Girls was in the top spot for the El Portal Bowling League at McHenry Bowl on Thursday.

They were followed by Bartelink Dairy, 20-16; Elaine’s Travel, Foxy Ladies, 19-17; U-3, 18-18; Memorial Splitting Headaches, 16½-19½; Escalon Body & Frame, Dutch Girls, 16-20; The Erratics, 13-11; Pin Ups, 10½-13½; Lunch Bunch, 10-14.

Leaders for the week included Kelly Homen with the high scratch game and high scratch series, while Nellie Bartelink had the high handicap game and Ginger Serpa the high handicap series.

For the season to date, Homen has the individual high average and scratch series; Chris Magana has the high scratch game, Lenny Nottley the high handicap series and Louise Spurgeon the high handicap game.

Bowlers meet each Thursday at 10 a.m.