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Last Minute Basket Sinks JV Cougars
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It came down to the last second on Monday night at Orestimba.

The ball didn't bounce the Cougars way, though, and they lost the JV contest to the host team on Dec. 13, 48-47.

"It was pretty wild," said coach Greg Largent. "It was pretty much a tale of two halves, we played horribly in the first half and found ourselves down 30-14."

The halftime deficit was due to a number of factors, said the coach, noting that the team had a tough time getting anything going early on.

"We had some good looks but things didn't go in," Largent explained. "We had a ton of turnovers, we played like we didn't want to be there."

Making some adjustments at halftime - with Largent reminding his team that they were better than they had shown in the first half - the JV Cougars came out with a much more determined attitude over the final two quarters.

"We came out and played full court man in the second half, we got some steals and made the lay-ups, we cut the deficit to nine points after three quarters, 40-31."

Continuing to battle in the fourth quarter, the JV Cougars had trimmed the Orestimba lead to two points with four minutes to play.

"We had the momentum," Largent said. "Then the fire alarm went off and they stopped the game."

After the unexpected fire drill and stoppage of play, it was determined there was no fire and the game resumed.

"We actually took the lead, we were up 47-45," Largent said. "Then one of their kids threw up a desperation three near the end and it went in."

That made it 48-47 for the home team but gave the Cougars one more possession.

They got the ball inbounds but didn't get a shot off before it was knocked out of bounds by Orestimba. The Cougars had to inbound it again but this time, had too little time to even get a shot off and lost the game by one point.

"It was a wild game but we took some positive things out of it," said Largent, noting that his team did dig deep to come back and take the lead.

Phil Parrish paced the JV boys with a 14-point night, 11 of them coming in the big second half attack. Steve Largent was also in double figures with 10 points and pulled down 11 rebounds, Brian French and David Anderson had nine points apiece.

"We did see some bright spots," added Largent. "Dan Sawyer had 15 rebounds, Steve Largent had 11 rebounds so he had a double-double, our free throw shooting was a little better."

Largent also said the team may have had some trouble getting their game going because the contest was on a Monday night and they don't typically play that night.

Action for the boys this week will be in the form of tournament play, closing out an appearance at the Orestimba Tournament on Wednesday, Dec. 22.