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Fifth Grade Softball Champions Crowned At Dent
0605 Champs
Shown, students from each of the four fifth grade classes at Dent Elementary, who worked together to earn a victory in the staff vs. students softball game. Photo Contributed

Like they do every year, the annual fifth grade vs. staff softball game was played on the last day of school at Dent Elementary. Willing teachers, aides, custodians and administrators can play, taking on the students.

“The kids really look forward to finally being able to play in this game, even though the staff usually wins,” noted fifth grade teacher Carrie Nash.

This year, however, the shoe was on the other foot as the fifth graders came out on top, relishing in victory.

“All of us, teachers and administrators, were trying to think of a time when we actually lost,” Nash said. “In my 17 years I think we have one loss. That was a year when we decided that teachers should only get one pitch … this year everyone, kids and staff got three pitches.”

Each fifth grade class (Casazza, Hillstrom, Marion and Nash) got a chance to field and bat. When students field they must get three outs, Nash said of the official staff vs. student rules. When the fifth graders bat everyone is allowed to bat, so they technically get more than three outs.

“The final score was 17-10,” Nash said, with the contest a lot of fun and a memorable one for the proud fifth grade students, who leave for El Portal as champions.