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Great Ways To Enjoy A Day On The Water
A day spent on a boat is a great way to enjoy a warm afternoon. And the options are endless when it comes to how to spend such days on the water.

Few things can be as enjoyable on a warm day as spending some time on a boat. For many people, the sound of the water lapping beneath a boat and the feeling of a warm breeze blowing through their hair is the very essence of relaxation.

Boating appeals to people with varying interests, and there are many ways one can enjoy a day spent traversing a nearby river, lake or ocean.


Recreational fishing is wildly popular. According to the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation, in 2016 more than 47 million Americans participated in fishing at least once during the calendar year. In its Survey of Recreational Fishing in Canada, the organization Fisheries and Oceans Canada found that more than 3.2 million adult anglers actively participated in a variety of recreational fishing activities in Canada in 2015. The sheer volume of people who enjoy recreational fishing suggests it’s an activity that has widespread appeal and it can benefit people of all ages and skill levels. What’s more, fishing provides a wonderful excuse to spend a day on a boat.


Sailing is a rewarding and demanding hobby. Avid sailors often describe the origins of their love of sailing as ‘catching the bug.’ Indeed, few hobbies can be as gratifying as sailing, which the organization Discover Boating notes requires participants to be more active than almost any other type of boating. While sailing can be physically demanding, when the waters are calm, few activities can be as peaceful and relaxing.


Of course, even people who do not own their own boats can still enjoy time on the water. The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation notes that roughly 90 percent of U.S. residents live within one hour of navigable bodies of water. Many waterfront communities, particularly those with tourism-based economies, are home to small businesses that provide local river, lake or ocean tours. These can be great ways to learn about local history and/or see local marine life.