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Just A Thought The Kids Deserve A Listen
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My vision is not what it used to be and at 84, I find myself in the house more than ever before.

Because of this, I cherish the time that I spend with family and friends and enjoy the things that are said in our conversations. I have three children, seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren, with a fourth due soon.

I love the things that the little ones say at ten, eight and now fifteen months. When asked if my great grandson liked his teacher he replied, “yes, I really like her, but she does get headaches sometimes but that is because she’s fifty!

I have two younger grandchildren and the eight-year-old while visiting us was trying to tell my husband something. Due to his hearing loss, Pete couldn’t understand what he was saying so after several frustrating tries our grandson ran into the spare bedroom. Soon he came back out with a note he had written that said, “my brother needs you!”

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, I thought. Before he and his brother left, I asked if he had a good time and he said “yes, but you sleep too much!” I do doze periodically or every five minutes ...whichever comes first...out of the mouths of babes!

My eight-year-old great grandson was watching a movie with his parents which they considered appropriate for his age. After 10 minutes, he walked out of the room muttering, “I’m going to bed, this movie is too intense for me!” His parents exchanged puzzled looks and asked each other if he knew what that these days! My daughter picked up my great grandson and great granddaughter from school one day and as my great grandson got in the car he said, “my sister hates me Grandma!” My daughter replied, “No she doesn’t...” and he said, “yes, she does, I know she does!” When my great granddaughter got in the car, my daughter asked, “You love your brother don’t you?” She quickly replied with intensity, “Nope, I hate him!” To this he replied, “Told ya!”

My 15-month-old great granddaughter is a kick in the pants. She’s just starting to put words together but her actions are hilarious. She can do a karate kick and the funky chicken at the same time. I told her dad that the kids might back away from her when she goes to kindergarten if she keeps doing it but for now it’s pretty funny! One day a radio station DJ came to my great grandson’s school. He was thrilled and as he got out of the car as his mother dropped him off, he said, “The next time you see me, I’ll be famous!” We didn’t ask, we just chuckled quietly!

One time we were at a restaurant with our whole family and all of the younger kids were sitting together, two eight-year-olds and two 10-year-olds. Their parents were at the other end of the table so the kids were left to order drinks for themselves. Just to show how kids listen to everything, as the waitress asked one of the eight-year-olds what he wanted to drink he said, “root beers all around!”

I learn so much about the world by just listening to what people say and what the children say and do is absolutely priceless!


Sheila Arellano is a retired reporter for The Escalon Times and a longtime local resident. She continues to contribute a monthly column.