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Just A Thought Keeping Things In Perspective
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My eyesight sometimes gets me in trouble and the saga continues. We recently observed our 61st wedding anniversary at a breakfast with family. When we finished eating, the waitress brought a lit ice cream sundae for the two of us in celebration. I went to reach for the cherry on it and due to my diminishing eyesight pulled out the lit candle and tried to eat it. Prior to that I kept pouring syrup on my pancakes but they were still dry. I didn't see that the opening on the syrup container was closed and thought I was losing my mind.

Recently, I called the wrong people due to my error in trying to decipher hand written phone numbers. I dialed one number thinking it would put me in touch with one of my friends. When she answered, she acted kind of odd but kept the conversation very short. When I hung up I decided maybe I had worn out my friendship and would let her call me next time. Then, recently the person I thought I had called did phone me and when I told her about the incident, said that had not been her. So, whomever that was that I called was probably convinced that she was losing her mind and the madness continues.

Then another friend left a message on our answering machine that I had called her in error and as far as she knew the couple I referred to with concern in my phone call were fine. We both had a good laugh over that one. A third friend also received one of my messages on her answering machine meant for someone else. She, too, thought it was pretty funny. I'm not the only one who occasionally has phoning problems. Not long ago our phone rang and when I picked it up to answer all I heard was breathing and so I thought, "I haven't had one of those phone calls in years and I wonder what the conversation will be."

In a second a man said, "Who am I calling?"