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Letters To The Editor
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Another Successful Sober Grad


Dear Editor,

The Sober Grad Committee would like to offer some thanks for this year’s event, hosted for the Class of 2017 at Escalon High School.

First off, thanks to the wonderful volunteers who work so hard on the fundraisers, decorating for the event, gathering the donations, food and prizes and the great people who work the event. Whatever shift, whatever position you help in – we could not do this without all of you.

There are some awesome businesses that donate to us! Some have been donating since the beginning. They are all wonderful to deal with and we appreciate everything donated or discounted for us.

This year’s donors included: Food 4 Less, Manteca; Pizza Plus; D’Boni’s; Big Boy Market; MarVal Market; Starbucks; Frito-Lay ; Pepsi; Costco; Svenhards Swedish Bakery; Oakdale Bicycle Shop; Best Buy, Riverbank; The Wine Group - through Denise Wall.

Please support these businesses like they support our seniors.

We had some great prizes this year including a bike, GoPro, headphones, TVs, laptop, gift cards for every attendee and quite a few cash prizes including one for $500.

Have a great summer. Stay safe, especially with the high water in the rivers and lakes this summer.

Good luck to all of you sending your child off to college or the military or off to the working world.

Thank you all,

The EHS Sober Grad Committee



Employee Kudos


Dear Editor,

A huge, albeit late, congratulations to Johnny Lial, the Administration and School Board Members of EUSD for a job well done. Johnny is an asset, obviously, to the District, being named SJCOE classified employee of the year.

Listening to what others had to say … ‘Care’ was mentioned many times. Care with ability always replaces ‘don’t know what you’re doing’ so throw money at it. Care with ability has made this employee learn his job, routes, children and areas.

The elected School Board Members did the right thing; hire a competent employee and get out of their way! Beware the person who wants to complicate matters, they’re looking for job security. Remember the cafeteria debacle? Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands spent on the epic failure. Past Board Members learned nothing from that, biting again trying to fix an unbroken transportation dept. by throwing money at it. Care is not for sale, nor can it be bought (that’s been tried too!).

Thank you Board Member Caton, as I understand you posted this on Facebook.

Make EUSD great again! Put respect back in ‘We Care’; the motto that caused some employees to LOL (behind backs of course!).

Great job Johnny!

Grace Joyce



Enjoy Stress Free Road Trip


Dear Editor,

Summer road trip season is here and AAA expects to receive calls from over seven million stranded motorists experiencing car trouble this summer. The majority of issues the travel group anticipates will cause car problems, such as dead batteries and flat tires, can be prevented with a pre-trip vehicle inspection.

Whether you do it yourself or visit a trusted professional technician, a pre-trip vehicle check will give you peace of mind and provide the opportunity to make any necessary repairs before you hit the road.

Before leaving home, check the battery, tires, wipers and lighting, HVAC system and fluids including engine oil, power steering, brake and transmission fluids as well as washer solvent and coolant. The Car Care Council also recommends inspecting the brake system and performing a tune-up to help the engine deliver the best balance of power and fuel economy.

To be prepared for an unplanned roadside emergency, remember to fully charge cell phones before you go and bring along a vehicle emergency kit, including jumper cables, emergency flares, first-aid kit, flashlight with extra batteries, bottled water, non-perishable food items and blankets. Keep a copy of the Car Care Council’s Car Care Guide in your glove box. Order a free copy online at

Rich White, Executive Director

Car Care Council