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Letters To The Editor
Reflections On True Leadership
Letters to Editor

Dear Editor,

January 16, David Ennis’s life was celebrated at Mass at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church.

Dave Ennis was one of the first people I was introduced to in Escalon when I accepted the job as Chief of Escalon Community Ambulance 30 years ago. Dave sat for many years as a councilman and mayor of our fair city. He served on multiple committees in San Joaquin County while holding down the top leadership positon with Tracy Defense Distribution Depot.

In my early years at the service we faced an issue that involved the city of Escalon while trying to build a Station to house the ambulances and crews. I got to witness Dave’s steady hand in the way he worked with both sides of the issue. Years later when Dave retired from his work with the Defense Department and no longer would run for a council seat we at ECA saw an opportunity to ask Dave if he could serve as a director for our not for profit Board (I had to promise him we would not meet more than four times a year!). He accepted albeit I sensed some reluctance. Over the years Dave served with ECA I found firsthand his common sense approach to business, politics and life. He was a voice of reason and would consider others affected by decisions that had to be made. Dave actively looked for ways to avoid conflicts that would hinder progress and could expertly read people. His history and connections throughout San Joaquin County made him a deep well of knowledge and understanding of the issues.

In the months leading up to his death I visited him at home to give him a brief on a meeting he had missed. Even with his compromised health he would offer sound advice. He suffered well. We have been blessed by Dave and so many other people like him in Escalon who have been willing to serve in both elected and appointed positions. His style was something I aspired to and his bride and daughters are a testimony to his life.

Thank you Rosalie, Steph, Andrea, Nicole for sharing David with this community and thank you Dave for giving yourself away … God Bless you and keep you.

Michael Pitassi,

Escalon Community Ambulance


Chief (Retired)