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Letters To The Editor
Letters to Editor

(Editor’s Note: This is the final group of letters from EHS students sent in as part of a class project; not all letters were used, those that were featured were selected at random from the dozens submitted.



Making the World A Better Place


Dear Editor,

The kids in the education system today are the ones that will lead our country in the future. Therefore, we should probably keep these kids in school and let them have a good education. Even though it seems a pretty simple job to do, even the smallest action can lead to problems further down the road. Some of the “actions” that could affect these kids are remarks made by other kids at school or on social media websites. School or online bullies can affect a person’s life in a way most people don’t think at the moment. Remarks from bullies every single day can be very hard on kids making them feel emotions no person should have to deal with. This can lead to depression and sometimes suicide.

Nearly 30,000 Americans die from suicide every year which impacts our society remarkably. These people could have made the world a better place by curing diseases, create new technology to improve life, inspire others, etc. The world without people like Abraham Lincoln, Anne Frank, Amelia Earhart, Steve Jobs and so on would be so much different than the way it is today. This is why we need to change the way we treat others because it can affect our future more than we think. Some ways that we can change these things from happening is simply just take action. This could be as simple as talking to a person you might not usually talk to. This can change their perspective on how others perceive them. Imagine how much better the world would be if instead of rude comments, we gave compliments.

Nathan Sarkozy



Time To Teach Respect


Dear Editor,

I think that a major problem in our society today is rape. Every two minutes, statistically, someone in America is a victim of sexual assault or rape. In today’s society, starting at a young age, girls are taught to dress in a certain way, following a school dress code, as well as a societal dress code, to avoid “distracting males.”

Girls are taught to dress in a certain way to avoid the possibility of “provoking” males. Girls are taught to not go to the mall or a public place by themselves in the fear of getting attacked. We are supposed to have our keys in our hand before walking out of the store and to lock the door the moment we get into the car. Girls are taught to be cautious and to be aware of their surroundings, however, boys are not taught not to sexualize women and how to see them as a person instead of as a sex object.

Many stories on the news give a lot of attention to the rape cases where the rapist is let off with little punishment or not sentenced to much jail time at all. This is sending a message out that, the crime, even though it is looked down upon, is not that bad. A widely known case is the Brock Turner case. He was a college student who raped an unconscious girl at a party. He was only given a few months of jail this. This case was widely known for the absurdness of the sentence, however proves that this kind of crime does not ruin your life.

Instead of teaching women to be cautious around men, as a society, we should be teaching self-control and respect.

Sarah McPherrin



Pay Attention To Posts


Dear Editor,

Growing up is weird. From that one embarrassing haircut to wearing too much makeup, we all go through phases in life we all sort of regret. But no matter what these phases are part of our lives, we can choose to either ignore them and move on or accept them, and embrace them.

Sadly today, this isn’t an option for some people. For some people, some of their past decisions come back to torment them because they end up on social media. Today, anything you do could end up on Snapchat or Instagram or whatever, because your friend who happened to be recording you posts a video of you making a fool of yourself.

Practically everyone posts on social media. From posting photos of your friend who is acting careless, to posting your opinion on whatever topic is popular at the time we all could regret posting these things later down the road.

Instead of posting stuff all Willy Nilly, we should think of how this photo will affect us later. We should think of the aftermath of the post before we post.

We should remember that even if you go back and delete your pictures that could make a potential employer think differently of you, they still can come back. Nothing truly leaves the internet. Trained individuals can pull up anything on you and show it whoever they please.

How do we stop this from happening? Let’s use our brains and realize posting that one photo of you smoking at a party can later come back and cause problems because you were not careful and posted it without thinking. If a friend posts something about or of you, you have the right to tell them that you don’t want that photo of you being posted and they should take it down. It’s easy to just overlook things and be careless, that’s why we need to think about the aftermath. Let’s use our brains and not post anything that will come back and haunt you.

Austin Narayan