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Letters To The Editor
Letters to Editor

(Editor’s Note: These are three more letters from Escalon High School students, submitted as part of a class project.)



Focus On The Road


Dear Editor,

The upcoming generation spends too much time on their phone. For some teenagers their number one priority is their phone. A big issue that has been going on is texting.

Texting and driving has taken the lives of approximately 3,328 people each year. It is very easy to get distracted while driving but at the same time you are risking your own life as well as others lives. To help this clear up people need to set examples. People who drive and have teenagers in the car should not use their phone and set an example so they will know it is not okay. Also another easy and simple example is explaining to them that they need to focus on the road. It is scientifically proven that when a person gets a message their brain sends a signal that makes the person happy without them even having to read the message. This sets us off and we quickly want to glance at our phone and answer. One little glance at your phone or any little distraction could cost you your life and you would be lucky if you would survive. Always keep your eyes on the road and if it is an emergency make sure to pull over.


Marlene Bautista



Where’s The Argument?


Dear Editor,

Illegal immigration is a serious problem in the United States of America. People just want to look the other way. Apparently people think that will solve the problem. But time and time again it shows it is not solving anything.

People want to argue that our country was built on immigrants; yes, I understand that, but enough is enough. We will be full capacity soon if we keep allowing illegal immigrants pouring in with no consequence. Illegal immigrants also use public services that they don’t pay taxes for. It is not fair to the hard working people paying taxes. The United States is already trillions in dollars in debt.

The government pays 113 billion dollars every year on illegal immigrants. And every year it is just adding up with nothing in return. They may have lower paying jobs but they are not paying any taxes. So I don’t see an argument to be had.


Izaac Sipma



Equality In Sports


Dear Editor,

As you may know, Escalon is known for its sports program at its local high school. Many locals go on fall Friday nights to watch football or cheer the boys basketball team on in winter, or even root on our baseball team. But how many locals go to volleyball, girls basketball, or even softball games.

Ya, not all girls score touchdowns, shoot half-court shots, or crack home runs way over the fences, but many girls have great talents, like being able to spike the ball over the net to win the game point, make awesome lay-ups, or even hitting a triple and putting your team in the lead. I believe female athletes are looked at less than male athletes by our school and our town. When many think Escalon, they think of football, not the girls varsity softball team who took Sections. I also believe that it’s not just our town who looks less at female athletes, but it’s also our nation and even the world.

If you look up The Top Athletes of the World you will have to scroll through 13 other athletes until you get to a woman. Out of the top 51 athletes, only three of them are women. As you can see, many may think male athletes are greater, but in reality, we all are great at whatever we do. I hope to inspire young women to stand up for themselves and not allow them to get pushed to the side.


Leticia Gutierrez