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Focus On The Kids
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Dear Editor,

Feel good sayings and wordy slogans were not an original need for EUSD members to declare their intention for the District, they lived it and lead by example. It was an amazing atmosphere where all children were encouraged to reach their potential; they were the priority and staff was there to support their needs. The first question was ‘what’, not who. From there to ‘daddy likes me best’ staff favorites, the roles quickly changed. The plot was lost and actions were replaced with pompous attitudes. To describe the decay one Board Member commented, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it sure as h--- burned down in one’; a sad but accurate description of the District at that time.

The ‘daddies’ are gone and most favorites soon followed. The District appears to be mending. Read online meeting minutes, i.e. Nov. 18, 2014. Disappointing, but not surprising, who voted how.

I hope whoever the victor of EUSD area 3, the public does not allow the seeds of secrecy, self-importance, and arrogance to take root once again.

Sitting in an overstuffed chair with a title is a responsibility, not a cubby-house meeting. Serve the children, not yourselves.

Grace Joyce